Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Contest: Name Fred's Friend

Meet Fred.

Fred has recently come out of the cave under our house where he lives most of the year to make his month long appearance in our front yard. Fred has been with us for many, many years but only aquired his friendly name last year when he was a little spooky looking for our then 2-year-old. Its a silly name, but it stuck nicely and our now 3-year-old has already re-introduced him to all the neighborhood kids, in case anyone forgot his name. Fred's favorite pastimes are chillin' in the cool fall weather, lording over his graveyard skull buddies and watching over the kids as they play in the cul-de-sac. Fred loves the out of doors even though he only spends about 30 days a year out in the fresh air, and he especially loves spending time with the neighborhood kids out there! He's a great fellow and we are proud to have him in the family.

About two years ago we had another addition to our fall family. Meet Fred's good friend who is currently in need of a name. Fred's friend (say that 10 times fast!) enjoyes hanging out in trees, scaring the bejeesus out of kids as they walk down the driveway in the dark, and letting his cares float away in the breeze. Fred's friend is a little less friendly than Fred has proven to be, but we love him just the same. And even though he can seem especially spooky to unsuspecting kiddos who don't notice him until the last minute, he really is just a nice guy who enjoys his short break from the garage loft to sway in the trees during the best month of the year.

This year I'm thinking Fred's friend needs a name of his own. So here it is, the Name Fred's Friend contest. Please reply to this post with ONE NAME ONLY that you think best suits this tree hanging ghoul. You may include a short explanation if you think your chosen name needs one, but please only reply once. You may 'vote' for someone else's name if they replied with one you like. The winner of this fabulous contest receives a wonderful 'Thank You' from yours truly, their name (and site, if you have one) mentioned in this blog at the unveiling of nameless's new moniker, and the everlasting glory of having christened the scariest member of the Scott family.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Happy Halloween!


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