Monday, April 26, 2010

Take only pictures... and memories.

I am starting this Blog for two main reasons: first, to help preserve the memories of my family's and children's activities for years to come; and second, to provide ideas and helpful information to other families and Scouting leaders who need help getting their children engaged in nature, the environment and the out-of-doors. I am a adamant supporter of the idea that no child should spend their lives inside, watching TV and playing video games. Kids are healthier and happier when outside in their natural surroundings, and far too few kids today spend enough time experiencing that natural world.

The little one gets his feet wet.
Belle Isle, Richmond, VA August 2008

I am a mother of two young boys (ages 3.5 and 7 at this writing) and a Cub Scout Den Leader for my older son. As a family we love to go tent camping and explore local, State and National parks, and as a Cub leader it has been wonderful to participate in even more outdoor activities with other boys and their families. I have meany more memories of my childhood of things that happened outside than those that happened in a classroom. Children were meant to play and learn in the great outdoors. I hope that someday my boys (both mine and my Cubs) will take their memories of these experiences with them into their adult lives, and that I leave them with a profound sence of appreciation and connection to the natural world. And obviously, I'll take a LOT of pictures for them along the way!

Rock hopping at Belle Isle, Richmond, VA.
August 2008

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