Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ode to a Busy Summer

Oh Calendar,
How I love to see thee
With almost all your days filled in.

How I love to see
All the fun we will be having
before the summer draws to an end.

Be it camping trips
Or amusement parks
Or hiking to see what we can see,

Or Scout adventures
And long vacations,
Its all good times with the family.

Some may protest
And think that summer
Should be a time of rest and lazy days,

But as for me,
I've always found
There's no happier time than when we 'play.'

And it seems to me
The more you have written
On your perfect squares, so white,

The less my children
Whine and complain,
And sleep all the better at night.

And so,
Please forgive me
If I stare so happily at your pages and grin,

And don't you cringe
Or roll your eyes
When I look for even more fun things to pencil in!

The boys at Pamlico Sound on Hatteras Island, summer 2009.

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