Thursday, June 24, 2010

Melody's Book Picks: Duck Tents

I've decided to occasionally throw in a book review on this blog that relates to something in the out of doors. It could be a book on hiking or camping, a novel that takes place in the wilderness, or in this case, a children's book aimed to get them interested and excited about nature.

I picked up this cute book called "Duck Tents" by Lynne Berry. It is an adorable story of five little ducks who go "camping" and fishing in their own backyard. I am always on the look out for books about camping for my youngest son, and surprisingly I think that such a topic is hard to come by for the pre-K age group. So, you can well imagine that this book popped right out at me as a wonderful addition to our evening story time.

The tale of the five little duck's backyard excapades is told in simple rhyming verse, but not so simple as to make you, the adult reader, want to roll your eyes in boredom. It is by no means what I would call a very 'short' story for this age, but the bright illustrations and fun text will keep it moving along even for a very young child. All the most important aspects of camping are present, from putting up the tents to fishing to roasting marshmallows. The end even covers the sometimes scarry subject of sounds in the night - but ends happily enough with all the ducks snug and safe.

All in all this was a delightful book for a young child, and one I would highly recommend to anyone who might be taking a youngster camping for the first time. It will also make a great book to bring along on a family camping trip, or maybe just read in the backyard with a makeshift 'tent' made out of a sheet and a clothesline. Snuggle up with your little one and go on an exciting but safe adventure with the five little ducks.

Duck Tents
Written by: Lynne Berry
Illustrated by: Hime Nakata
Melody's recommended age: 2-4 years, but interesting enough for older siblings to listen too

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